Terms and conditions


The agreement, which commences on the day on which the member signs the application, is concluded within the framework of the respective package for a period of 26/52/104 weeks and requires the payment of the corresponding 26/52/104 weekly contributions. All packages allow a variable number of training courses to be used during the contract period. One training session per week is recommended.
The contract can be terminated at the latest with a notice period of 2 weeks at the end of the contract period. If there is no termination, contracts are extended according to the conditions of the previous contract. Any termination must be in text form. The right to extraordinary termination is not affected.
Training is by appointment only. If the member cancels up to 24 hours before the appointment, the appointment can be rebooked. If the 24 hours are not met, the training session expires. The same applies to unexcused non-attendance. If the member is late, the training session will be reduced accordingly.


Contributions are due for payment at the beginning of each week and are charged weekly by direct debit. The starter package and training underwear are due for payment at the end of the contract.
Additional services and product purchases are booked on your member account and are also charged with your next contribution debit.


We grant contract suspensions (weekly) that extend the contract for the corresponding suspension time as follows:
Terms <26 weeks: 0 weeks
Terms over 26 weeks: 4 weeks
Terms over 52 weeks: 8 weeks
Terms longer than 104 weeks: 16 weeks
The customer must submit the respective weeks off in writing and these are stored accordingly in the customer’s account. All agreed data can be viewed by the customer there at any time.


Contributions are charged as part of direct debit subscriptions. The member must reimburse the credit institution for any chargeback fees incurred in connection with a direct debit chargeback for which it is responsible.


Each member is subject to the house rules and must follow the instructions of the staff. The operator is entitled to extraordinarily terminate the contractual relationship without notice if the member repeatedly violates the general terms and conditions and house rules applicable in the studio in a serious manner despite warning.


The studio is not liable for loss or damage to clothing, things, valuables and money brought, unless the loss or damage is due to intentional or grossly negligent behavior on the part of the studio. The studio is not responsible for self-inflicted accidents.


Should individual provisions of this contract be ineffective or unenforceable or become ineffective or unenforceable after conclusion of the contract, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the contract. Insofar as the provisions have not become part of the contract or are ineffective, the content of the contract is based on the statutory provisions.


The personal data of the member will only be collected and processed in accordance with the currently valid data protection regulations for the fulfillment of the membership contract. The data we collect that is necessary to fulfill the contract are name, address, date of birth, account details and telephone number/email address. The data is also stored in electronic form. Personal data will not be passed on to third parties without the member’s consent. Exceptions to this are processors who are contractually bound to secrecy.
The files are stored securely on EU storage servers. The data provided above will only be stored for the duration of the current contract. After the end of the contract, data will only be stored within the framework of the legal retention obligation and will be automatically deleted after its expiry.
The data controller is EMS-Xperience S.L, Avda de la Ciervo 5, 1 Pt 5, 29603 Marbella, hello@ems-xperience.com. The competent supervisory authority to which you are entitled to lodge a complaint is: The Data Protection Commissioner of the State of Bavaria.


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